P.AUDIO E10-150S V2

  • Description


E10-150S is a solid 10 “bass with nice sound that is as well suited as bass in a 2-way system or midrange in a larger 3-way system.

Playing the best in ported cabinets of 34-135 liters. With a volume of 34 liters, you get a doubling (+ 3dB) at 100-180Hz, while 135 liters provides a straight frequency curve deep bass (41Hz wide -3dB).

As pure mid definite elements with even less volume, down to 28 l closed cabinet. F3 points ports when the 98Hz and the curve is straight and fine. By this construction suitable element thus best in a three-way system.

– Power: 150W RMS / 600W Peak
– Sensitivity: 95 dB
– Frequency response: 50-3000 Hz
– Impedance: 8 Ohm
– Turn Pole: 2 “of kapton
– Overall dimensions: 257mm
– Baffelhull: 232.9 mm
– Depth: 10392 mm
– Weight: 3.8 kg